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SchleicherSchleicher enters the e-mobility market

Schleicher expands its product portfolio with in June 2015th. is an electric vehicle charging station system, including control and safety systems. The charging stations are successfully in use since 2009 and drawn up by renowned customers. charging station offers the following advantages:

Ÿ In conjunction with special software - intelligent load management

Ÿ Stand-alone operation or connection to higher level IT systems

Ÿ High reliability and low maintenance

Ÿ Expandability with regard to the connections of additional charging systems or any authorization, reservation, billing and payment functions

Ÿ Optional with integrated Industrial PC

Ÿ Direct connection of graphic displays

Ÿ Interface for RFID card reader

Ÿ Thermometer and Humidity Senso

Ÿ Optional MBus or smart meter interface

Ÿ Very low noise emission (also permitted for residential areas)

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