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ProNumeric XCx 400

Product description

The XCx 400 is an entry-level rack-based control system. This control is available as a PLC or integrated PLC/CNC.


Ÿ As a CNC, with up to 16 NC axes in max. 8 subsystems with an

Ÿ interpolation cycle from 1 ms

Ÿ Interfaces: Ethernet, CANopen, RS232, RS422/485, 2 x USB, XRIO

Ÿ High-speed I/Os with a cut-off frequency of up to 2 MHz

Ÿ Integrated I/Os: 4 combined I/Os and 4 inputs, 24 V (standard), 3 inputs and 2 outputs, 5 V (high speed)



Ÿ Can be used as required through numerous variants and expansion modules

Ÿ Fast response times

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