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With an increase in plant complexity, peripheral connection via fieldbus has long been standard in most automated infrastructures. This is why Schleicher has equipped its "RIO" I/O system with comprehensive modules that pick up, route and output the necessary process-specific signal mix.


RIOThe range of RIO components and modules includes:

Ÿ Bus connectors for linking modules with Profibus-DP and CANopen fieldbuses

Ÿ Digital I/O modules with 4, 8 or 16 channels using vibrostable spring-force clamping technology

Ÿ Analog I/O modules for recording measured values and transferring actuating signals to the field peripherals

Ÿ Terminal expansions for the provision of two additional distribution levels (this allows three-wire connection technology for all RIO module types)

Ÿ Compact I/O with up to 16 digital channels and integrated bus connector for Profibus-DP, CANopen

Ÿ Function modules for recording and/or analysing decentral processes (they disengage the central control and increase local precision. Their micro-second response speed is independent of fieldbus delays and PLC cycle times).

Ÿ Axis interface including pulse generator interface, amongst others

Ÿ Positioning module

Ÿ Temperature recording module for sensors and thermoelements


> Operating Manual

> Operating Manual RIO Bus Couplers EC/BC

> Operating Manual RIO Expansion Modules


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