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ProNumeric OP 50 Mz

Product description

Optimized human-machine interaction employing the Sercos® III and EtherCAT® real-time field bus systems, combined in one single hand-held control device, finally makes it possible to connect said device to the controls of different manufacturers. A three-position enabling switch allows for safe working in danger zones.



Ÿ Interfaces: EtherCAT and sercos III

Ÿ High-resolution hand-wheel with 100 increments per rotation

Ÿ Resistive 5“Touch display

Ÿ Lightning at the front

Ÿ Robust membrane keypad

Ÿ Reduced numer of function keys

Ÿ Resolution: 480x800 Pixel

Ÿ Dual-channel emergency stop knob



Ÿ Instantaneous transmission of key commands

Ÿ Operation with gloves possible

Ÿ Good illumination

Ÿ Fatigue-free working

Ÿ Easy to use

> Data Sheet ProNumeric OP 50 Mz
> Operating Manual ProNumeric OP 50 M/Mz

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