Schleicher provides the complete package for innovative RL Robotic systems: Drive technology, control and operation. The special features of RL Robotic systems: All drive units can be immovably arranged outside the workspace - this reduces the frequency of errors and wear. Above all, runs can be achieved at an extremely high speed, payload and throughput – compared to standard systems, this increases speed by 50 percent. Target parameters: An acceleration of 4 g and a speed of 4 m/s at a payload of 40 kg and more.

Ÿ   Continuous optimal relationship between acceleration and deceleration, speed and positioning through runs that are dynamically regulated on the control side

Ÿ   Harmonious tailoring of electric motors with control configurations in hardware and software as well as using the touch-screen operating terminal

Ÿ   The drive technology is linked to the control using Sercos III


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