Construction Machines


Schleicher controls meet all of the performance requirements of modern crane controls, and also include all safety functions. They are used in the construction of mobile cranes, amongst other things.



Ÿ   Automatic assembly/dismantling (within 13 minutes)

Ÿ   Monitoring of crane and safety functions

Ÿ   Control of crane and safety functions

Ÿ   Steerable vehicle axes

Ÿ   Preselectable crane configuration (assembly direction, hook height, boom position)

Ÿ   Hydraulically extendable sliding outrigger posts

Ÿ   Hydraulically controlled support cylinder

Ÿ   Automatic levelling

Ÿ   Sealed PCBs



Ÿ Works independently

Ÿ Long range

Ÿ Quick assembly

Ÿ Protected against tipping

Ÿ Robust (down to -10°C, against condensation and vibration)


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