Environmental Technolgy


High demands are placed on biological waste-water treatment systems. They create clean water wherever a connection to the sewer is not possible, for example in holiday complexes and in conservation areas and water reserves. The high demands placed on such small sewage treatment plants comply with Schleicher's innovative control technology.



Ÿ   Pump procedures using wear-free air lifts

Ÿ   Whisper-quiet air compressors

Ÿ   Water-level monitoring

Ÿ   Acoustic warning signals (power failure, strong water inflow)

Ÿ   Alarms via SMS possible on several saved numbers

Ÿ   Battery back-up

Ÿ   Service stations can be linked using control

Ÿ   Volumes: from single-family homes to districts



Ÿ   Technically reliable

Ÿ   Retains biologically-active micro-organisms

Ÿ   Can be switched remotely



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