Medical Technology


Schleicher controls are predestined for use in medical technology: They are very precise and meet the high demands required for the production of medical devices. Adjustments are possible to meet even the most stringent clean-room classifications.


Example: Vacuum disinfection installation

Schleicher controls are used in a vacuum disinfection installation with interior disinfection. These are used in clinics, care facilities and childcare facilities. The procedure for sealing contaminated waste in PE/PA film bags is controlled. The 90-second process is started automatically on closing the lid and includes the disinfection using controlled vacuuming and welding.



Ÿ   High-performance touch operating terminal

Ÿ   Program display



Ÿ   Prevents the emergence and spreading around of germs

Ÿ   Reduced waste volume

Ÿ   Simple visual user guide

Ÿ   Display of individual program steps


Example: Dental mill

The milling machines with Schleicher controls are ideal for dry and wet processing of all millable materials and are therefore used worldwide in dental laboratories, milling centres and clinics.



Ÿ   Up to eight interpolating axes

Ÿ   Swivel and rotary axis turns through up to 360°

Ÿ   Fully-automated workpiece changer can be integrated



Ÿ   Smooth production sequence and tool change

Ÿ   Safe

Ÿ   Accurate

Ÿ   Includes implementation and adjustment services


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