Laser Industry


Schleicher is one of the most innovative suppliers of laser-control systems in the market. Our solutions can be used in many ways, such as in cutting, welding, drilling, polishing, sticking and in the labelling of materials



Ÿ   Interfaces to all the important radiation sources Trumpf©, Rofin© or IPG©

Ÿ   Flexible functions for parametrisation

Ÿ   Control of laser power synchronous with feed regulation

Ÿ   Laser pulse control with synchronous frequency to path velocity

Ÿ   Accurate power and pulse control

Ÿ   Set accurate start and end points of cuts in full servoaxis motion



Ÿ   Fail-safe

Ÿ   Flexible (even in the case of technical developments)

Ÿ   Accurate weld seams

Ÿ   Precise and repeatable accuracy even with fluctuating path velocity

Ÿ   Even cross-section/grid

Ÿ   Processing of very complex programs


Control-compatible interface card guarantees best performance, for example:

Ÿ   Accurate control of the widest variety of laser radiation sources

Ÿ   Highly accurate feedback from the sensor technology to the laser control

Ÿ   Laser power control synchronous with the velocity of the laser head

Ÿ   Pulse control/time measurement

Ÿ   Monitoring function for PWM signals

Ÿ   Individual configuration of location function using XSL

Ÿ   Implementation of further customer-specific features using XSL


CNC control system

The modular CNC control system effectively counteracts tolerance times in laser installations.

Ÿ   Extremely high resolution of 1 µs at outputs to laser control

Ÿ   Very accurate positioning of switching point on the contour

Ÿ   Dynamic control of the laser: Power dependent on the course of the contours or shapes


Ÿ   Faster processing time

Ÿ   Shorter cycle time

Ÿ   Highly accurate space-time coordination

Ÿ   Better quality of processed surfaces and cut edges

Ÿ   High repeat accuracy


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