The Schleicher XCx 400 and XCx 1200 controls are used in high-performance dental milling machines, amongst other things: Dental prostheses are milled from the solid material using the utmost precision. The materials used here include ceramics, steels and types of glass. The resultant quality must meet the highest demands regarding precision:

Ÿ   µm-accurate dimensional conversion

Ÿ   The highest surface quality at very high processing velocity

Ÿ   The XCx 400, 800 and XCx 1200 controls allow the processing of very large CNC programs and data volumes

Ÿ   Smooth communication with the CAD/ CAM system. In addition, it is very easy to combine various machines - for example, a dental mill with an optional workpiece changer

Ÿ   Individual operating and visualisation concepts

Ÿ   Individual drive design through close collaboration with various partners

Ÿ   The integral combination of PLC and CNC guarantees (real-time) synchronous coordination of motion and secondary-unit control

Ÿ   Interpolating axes: 5+1 or 5+2 (production & tool change)

Ÿ   Safety & accuracy of fit in the production process thanks to

Ÿ   swivel and rotary axis (360°)


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